Lebs3yal FAQs
 Shop Kids Clothes from Carter’s
Lebs3yal FAQs

Lebs3yal FAQs will tell you how to Shop Kids Clothes from Carter's USA, Online Shopping from Lebs3yal.com as a store for clothes for boys and girls is very easy & smooth.
Lebs3yal as an ecommerce website will Answer all you questions about shopping baby clothes.

- What is Lebs3yal?

Lebs3yal is an Ecommerce website for Online Shopping to help you to shop your clothes online Egypt from Carter's USA and other US Brands for your Kids that sell baby clothes.

- What Products Lebs3yal sells?

Lebs3yal has a variety of clothes for boys & girls such as newborn clothes, girls clothing, junior baby clothes, boy shoes, girl shoes, girls accessories, boys accessories and baby clothes for boys.

- How do I contact Lebs3yal Customer Service?

Lebs3yal Customer Services team is available from 10 AM to 6 PM all Week, if you faced any problem with your order or don’t know how to order they will help you placing your order.

- Do I need to set up an account On Lebs3yal to Place Order?

Yes to have to register with us so you can place your orders, save your address for more shopping with Lebs3yal, or if you need to request a return.

- What if I forgotten my password on Lebs3yal?

Click on "Lost Your Password" so you can add a new password via email so you can reset your password for your account on Lebs3yal.

- How can I place an order on Lebs3yal?

The Easy steps to buy your kids clothes from Lebs3yal:
- Choose the product you want and the size you want from kids clothes, as all sizes are available on lebs3yal, sure you will find what you want for your kids, whether boys or girls.
- After choosing the product you want to buy from USA press on BUY NOW button to buy from Carter's USA, if you want more shopping press ADD TO CART to continue your Online Shopping from Lebs3yal.
- Then you will write your shipping information, then enter the Coupon Code to get discount from Lebs3yal.com on your bill, after that press Continue Shipping.
- After you enter the shipping address, lebs3yal.com will calculate the shipping fees for your Order then continue to payment.
- After you replace your order, the order will be completed on lebs3yal.com website, the order number will appear to you with confirmation message on the website and you will receive Confirmation email.

- What is Lebs3yal Payment Method?

The Payment Method with Lebs3yal is Cash on Delivery, so you will pay your Order when you receive the order from the courier, the payment is with the EGP.

- Lebs3yal Coupon Code doesn’t work?

Please check that your Coupon Code is written correctly; also check if the Coupon Code that you are using on Lebs3yal is still valid on the website.

- Are you Selling Fake Products on Lebs3yal?

Lebs3yal is selling only Original brands for kids from USA, brands like Carter’s USA and other US Brands,  all products on Lebs3yal.com are 100% Original From the online brands in USA.

- Do Lebs3yal have a size chart?

Every product on Lebs3yal has a chart to know the size for kids clothes, may give approximate values and measurements, therefore your product(s) sizing may not match the measurements mentioned on the chart.

- Can I track my order on Lebs3yal?
You can track your order on Lebs3yal to know where is it, If you’re having troubles while tracking your order, please contact us.

- When my order will arrive from Lebs3yal?

Once you make your Order, Lebs3yal will bring it from the USA to on your doorstep only from 15 to 20 Working days.

- Where Lebs3yal deliver in Egypt?

Lebs3yal deliver to any city all over Egypt, you will get free shipping on any order above 1500 EGP.

- Why Lebs3yal Shipping takes that long?

All items on Lebs3yal website are shipped from abroad, and that’s the reason why it takes time to be delivered to you, as all the products are original from Carter's USA.

- How much Lebs3yal Delivery Cost?

Lebs3yal shipping fees differs from one city to another, enter you address and lebs3yal.com will calculate the delivery fees for you.

- Can I Exchange my Order from Lebs3yal?

Lebs3yal doesn’t offer an exchange service. If you do not want to keep your item, you can return it through our returns center.

- How can I return my Order from Lebs3yal?

Lebs3yal offer a full refund within 14 days if you are not completely satisfied with your order from Lebs3yal.com for your kids.

- Do Lebs3yal refund the delivery Fees?

No, delivery fees are non-refundable from Lebs3yal.